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Table 1 Classification of neutropenia

From: Primary and secondary autoimmune neutropenia

Type of neutropenia Neutropenias
Congenital Severe infantile agranulocytosis (Kostmann's syndrome)
  Shwachman–Diamond–Oski syndrome
  Myelokathexis/neutropenia with tetraploid nuclei
  Cyclic neutropenia
  Chediak–Higashi syndrome
  Reticular dysgenesis
  Dyskeratosis congenita
Acquired Postinfectious neutropenia
  Drug-induced neutropenia
  Complement activation (haemodialysis, leukapheresis, ARDS)
  Immune neutropenia
     Isoimmune neonatal neutropenia
     Alloimmune neutropenia (transfusion reaction)
     Autoimmune neutropenia – primary
  Benign of childhood
  Adult chronic form
     Autoimmune neutropenia – secondary
  Autoimmune diseases
  Large granular lymphocyte
  Other (see Table 3)
     Pure white cell aplasia
  Chronic idiopathic neutropenia
  Nutritional deficiency (vitamin B12 or folate deficiency)
  Diseases affecting the bone marrow
     Aplastic anaemia
     Fanconi anaemia
     Myelodysplastic syndrome
     Acute and chronic leukaemia
  1. ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome.