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Table 1 Scheduled tested properties for each view and for each observer

From: Reproducibility and sensitivity to change of various methods to measure joint space width in osteoarthritis of the hip: a double reading of three different radiographic views taken with a three-year interval

Observer Intraobserver reproducibility (M0) Intraobserver reproducibility (M0–M36) Interobserver reproducibility (M0) Interobserver reproducibility (M0–M36) Sensitivity to change (M0–M36)
Value from observer 1 x x x x x
Value from observer 2 x x    x
Mean of values from observers 1 and 2 x x    x
Data Reading 1 and reading 2 of M0 for each observer Difference between M0 and M36 for readings 1 and 2 for each observer Reading 1 at M0 for two observers Reading 1 for the difference between M0 and M36 for two observers Difference between M0 and M36 in reading 1 for each observer