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Table 2 Myositis disease activity and damage scores

From: Voluntary activation failure is detectable in some myositis patients with persisting quadriceps femoris weakness: an observational study

Score Disease activity status (weakness attributable to activity) Score Disease damage status (weakness attributable to damage)
Inactive No disease activity. Dose decrements contemplated or actioned 0 No weakness.
Active - Mild activity, but stable. No dose increments contemplated, decrements contemplated or actioned. 1 Mild persisting weakness, but normal ADL and/or occupation.
Active Moderate activity. Dose increments contemplated or actioned. 2 Obvious persisting weakness. Limited ADL and/or occupation.
Active + Severe activity. Additional agents contemplated or actioned. 3 Severe persisting weakness. Unable to function independently.
  1. Patients' disease activity levels were scored on "intention-to-treat" principles. ADL, activities of daily living.