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Table 6 Activities and Participation (d): Patients' reporting of ICF categories (2nd level)

From: Validation of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) Core Set for rheumatoid arthritis from the patient perspective using focus groups

ICF categories Reported by patients
Code Title Open approach ICF-based approach
d163 Thinking   Yes
d166 Reading   Yes
d170 Writing Yes Yes
d210 Undertaking a single task   Yes
d230 Carrying out daily routine Yes Yes
d240 Handling stress and other psychological demands   Yes
d330 Speaking Yes  
d360 Using communication devices and techniques Yes Yes
d410 Changing basic body position Yes Yes
d415 Maintaining a body position Yes Yes
d430 Lifting and carrying objects Yes Yes
d435 Moving objects with lower extremities Yes  
d440 Fine hand use Yes Yes
d445 Hand and arm use Yes Yes
d449 Carrying, moving and handling objects, other specified and unspecified (d430/d445)a Yes Yes
d450 Walking Yes Yes
d455 Moving around Yes Yes
d460 Moving around in different locations (d455)a Yes Yes
d465 Moving around using equipment Yes Yes
d470 Using transportation Yes Yes
d475 Driving Yes Yes
d510 Washing oneself Yes Yes
d520 Caring for body parts Yes Yes
d530 Toileting   Yes
d540 Dressing Yes Yes
d550 Eating   Yes
d560 Drinking Yes  
d570 Looking after one's health No No
d610 Acquiring a place to live   Yes
d620 Acquisition of goods and services Yes Yes
d630 Preparing meals Yes Yes
d640 Doing housework Yes Yes
d650 Caring for household objects Yes Yes
d660 Assisting others   Yes
d720 Complex interpersonal interactions Yes Yes
d750 Informal social relationships Yes Yes
d760 Family relationships   Yes
d770 Intimate relationships Yes Yes
d850 Remunerative employment Yes Yes
d859 Work and employment, other specified and unspecified (d850)a Yes Yes
d910 Community life   Yes
d920 Recreation and leisure Yes Yes
  1. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) categories of the ICF Core Set for rheumatoid arthritis are shown in bold typeface. aConfirmation according to similar categories