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Figure 1

From: A model of anti-angiogenesis: differential transcriptosome profiling of microvascular endothelial cells from diffuse systemic sclerosis patients

Figure 1

Immunohistochemical evidence of differential expression of tissue kallikrein (KLK)9, KLK11, KLK12, and DSG2 in microvascular endothelial cells (MVECs) from normal subjects and patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). Each panel is representative of the pattern of immune staining with each antibody obtained for the six normal and six SSc patients subjected to skin biopsies from which MVECs were prepared. The inset in the micrograph of KLK12 shows negative staining using isotype control rabbit IgG (the isotype used for KLK9 and KLK12), while that shown in the micrograph of DSG shows negative staining for mouse IgG (the isotype used for KLK11 and DSG). Original magnification, 200×.

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