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Table 1 DNA sequences of the forward and reverse primers for the qualitative and semi-quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction analyses

From: Differential expression of RANK, RANK-L, and osteoprotegerin by synovial fluid neutrophils from patients with rheumatoid arthritis and by healthy human blood neutrophils

Gene identity Accession number Primer sequencesa Annealing temperature (°C) Number of cycles (Quan.)b Number of cycles (Qual.)c Size of PCR product (bp)
RANK-L AF019047 5'-CTG-ATG-AAA-GGA-GGA-AGC-AC-3' 65 29 35 546
OPG U94332 5'-TGC-TGT-TCC-TAC-AAA-GTT-TAC-G-3' 56 35 40 433
RANK AF018253 5'-CCT-GGA-CCA-ACT-GTA-CCT-TC-3' 58 34 40 500
TRAF6 U78798 5'-TGA-TAG-TGT-GGG-TGG-AAC-TG-3' 58 27 35 456
β-Actin NM001101 5'-CGT-GAC-ATT-AAG-GAG-AAG-CTG-TGC-3' 58 21 28 375
  1. aFor each pair of sequences, the forward primer appears first and the reverse primer appears second. bThe number of cycles used in the semi-quantitative (quan.) PCR experiments corresponds to the linear phase of the amplification reaction. cThe number of cycles used in the qualitative (qual.) PCR experiments was increased to allow the possible detection of the mRNA. OPG, osteoprotegerin; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RANK, receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa-B; RANK-L, ligand of receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa-B; TRAF6, tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6.