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Table 2 Abatacept serum concentration levels determined 14 and 28 days after vaccination

From: Vaccination response to tetanus toxoid and 23-valent pneumococcal vaccines following administration of a single dose of abatacept: a randomized, open-label, parallel group study in healthy subjects

Group Baseline (μg/ml) 14 days after vaccination (μg/ml) 28 days after vaccination (μg/ml)
Group Aa (vaccines alone on day 1) N/A N/A N/A
Group Bb (vaccines 2 weeks before abatacept) N/A N/A 28.6 (26)
Group C (vaccines 2 weeks after abatacept) N/A 12.5 (19) 6.1 (20)
Group D (vaccines 8 weeks after abatacept) N/A 1.3 (56) 0.4 (106)
  1. Data presented as the geometric means (percentage of the coefficient of variation. N/A: not applicable. aSubjects in Group A did not receive abatacept. bSubjects in Group B received abatacept at 14 days (serum concentration taken pre-abatacept dosing).