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Table 1 Gait indices and descriptions

From: Gait analysis in a murine model of collagen-induced arthritis

Gait index Description
Paw area The maximal paw area in contact with the treadmill during the stance phase of the step cycle
Paw angle The angle of the hind paws in relation to the long axis of the body and its direction of motion
Stride frequency The average number of times a paw contacts the treadmill belt per second
Stride length The distance between initial contacts of the same paw in one complete stride
Stride time The amount of time to complete one complete stride for one limb
Stance time The portion of the stride in which the paw remains in contact with the belt
Swing time The forward portion of the stride in which the paw is not in contact with the belt
Braking time The time between initial paw contact with the belt and the maximal paw contact
Propulsion time Time between maximal contact and the end of stance, just prior to swing