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Table 5 Patella cartilage volume r2 values and p values for Δ r2 for different linear regression models

From: High sensitivity C-reactive protein is associated with lower tibial cartilage volume but not lower patella cartilage volume in healthy women at mid-life

Model for total patella cartilage volume r2 p Value for delta r2 compared with the specified model ΔF with addition to the model (p value for ΔF as for Δr2)
Bone volume only (+) 0.27 < 0.001 N/A
Bone volume (+) age (-) 0.30 0.003 compared with bone volume only 8.93
Bone volume (+) age (-) smoking, alcohol 0.31 p = 0.65 compared with bone volume and age 0.43
Bone volume (+) age (-) smoking, alcohol, BMI 0.32 p = 0.06 compared with bone volume, age, smoking and alcohol 3.54
Bone area (+) age (-), smoking, alcohol, ln hsCRP 0.32 p = 0.19 compared with bone volume, age, smoking, alcohol 1.78
Bone area (+) age (-) smoking, alcohol, BMI ln hsCRP 0.33 p = 0.15 compared with bone volume age smoking alcohol 1.92 (both variables added together); if BMI added first, ΔF = 3.54, (p for ΔF = 0.06) followed by lnCRP ΔF = 0.31, (p for ΔF = 0.58); if ln CRP added first, ΔF = 1.78, (p for Δ= F 0.19) followed by BMI ΔF = 2.05, (p for ΔF = 0.15).
  1. Parenthesis indicate the sign of regression co-efficients statistically significant at the 5% level. BMI, body mass index (kg/m2); ln hsCRP, natural log high sensitivity C-reactive protein.