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Figure 1

From: Antiphospholipid antibody profiles in lupus nephritis with glomerular microthrombosis: a prospective study of 124 cases

Figure 1

Glomerular microthrombi in the renal biopsy specimens of a patient. (a) Fibrin microthrombi stained red (black arrow; hematoxylin and eosin stained). (b) Fibrin microthrombi stained red (red arrow; Masson's trichrome stained). (c) Fibrin microthrombi stained purple (black arrow; periodic acid-Schiff stained). (d) Fibrin microthrombi stained dark brown (red arrow; periodic acid-silver methenamine stained). (e) Microthrombi containing fibrin/fibrinogen within the glomerular capillary lumen (white arrow; direct immunofluorescent staining of fibrinogen). Magnification: ×400.

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