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Table 1 Ontological classes of differentially expressed genes in early rheumatoid arthritis versus controls

From: Early and long-standing rheumatoid arthritis: distinct molecular signatures identified by gene-expression profiling in synovia

  Gene regulation Early rheumatoid arthritis versus controls P value
Biological processes    
  Up (cluster 2)   
   Reverse transcription 0.007
   Amino acid activation 0.01
   Protein biosynthesisa 0.02
   Nucleoside, nucleotide, and nucleic acid metabolisma 0.02
   Protein metabolism and modification 0.03
   Other immune and defense 0.04
  Down (cluster 1)   
   Granulocyte-mediated immunity 0.0004
   Other cell cycle process 0.01
   Macrophage-mediated immunity 0.02
   T cell-mediated immunity 0.03
   Other blood circulation and gas exchange activity 0.04
   Mitochondrial transport 0.05
Molecular functions    
  Up (cluster 2)   
   Ribosomal proteina 0.005
   Reverse transcriptase 0.007
   Nucleic acid binding 0.009
   Other transcription factor 0.03
   Defense/immunity protein 0.03
   Nuclease 0.04
   Antibacterial response protein 0.05
  Down (cluster 1)   
   Transmembrane receptor regulatory/adaptor protein 0.008
   Metalloprotease inhibitora 0.02
   Phosphorylase 0.03
   Protease inhibitor 0.03
   Cysteine protease inhibitor 0.04
  Up (cluster 2)   
   Bupropion degradation 0.007
   Salvage pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotidesa 0.01
  Down (cluster 1)   
   Metabotropic glutamide receptor group I pathway 0.07
  1. The gene-ontology terms used are those of the PANTHER (Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships) database. aCommon ontological classes found in both comparisons: early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or long-standing RA versus controls (see also Table 2).