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Figure 1

From: Dichloroacetate alleviates development of collagen II-induced arthritis in female DBA/1 mice

Figure 1

Frequency, severity of arthritis, bone destruction, and weight change in collagen II (CII)-induced arthritis mice treated with dichloroacetate (DCA) (3 mg/mouse per day) or water. (a) DCA effect on frequency of arthritis in both female and male CII arthritis mice. (b) DCA treatment on both female and male mice in regard to severity of arthritis. (c) Synovitis and bone erosion in CII-immunized DBA/1 with or without DCA treatment. (d) Weight change in DCA-treated mice and water controls during the course of CII-induced arthritis experiments. Values from three independent experiments were pooled. The DCA-treated group and the water-drinking group each contained 22 mice.

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