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Table 1 Final therapeutic decision at visit 2 based on disease activity control and serum trough infliximab concentration

From: Infliximab concentration monitoring improves the control of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis

   Control of disease activity
   Optimal Acceptable Inadequate
Infliximab trough concentration High: C (μg/mL) ≥8.0 Decrease infliximab dosage Maintain same infliximab dosage Switch to another biopharmaceutical
  Medium: 2.0 ≤ C (μg/mL) <8.0 Maintain same infliximab dosage Consider increasing infliximab dosagea  
  Low: C (μg/mL) <2.0   Increase infliximab dosage  
  1. Infliximab dosage could not be increased if the current dosage was considered maximal (that is, at least 7.5 mg/kg or interval of not more than 4 weeks). aIf the physician kept the same infliximab dosage, another therapeutic intervention could be added (that is, intra-articular corticosteroid injection, physical treatment, or analgesic pharmaceuticals). C, concentration.