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Table 1 Specific conditions for NOD mice

From: Local expression of tumor necrosis factor-receptor 1:immunoglobulin G can induce salivary gland dysfunction in a murine model of Sjögren's syndrome

Food Teklad Global 18% Protein Rodent Diet (2018S), Harlan
Water Autoclaved
Bedding Care fresh (non-bleached)
Day/Night light cycle 14/10 hours
Racks Vented heap-filtered microisolator
Cage changing 1/week
Cleaning agents Clidox 1:18:1
Cage set up Autoclaved
Helicobacter Tested negative
MPV Tested negative
MVM Tested negative
MNV Tested negative
  1. MPV = mouse parvovirus, MVM = minute virus of mice, MNV = mouse norovirus.