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Figure 6

From: A Rac1 inhibitory peptide suppresses antibody production and paw swelling in the murine collagen-induced arthritis model of rheumatoid arthritis

Figure 6

T-cell phenotyping in arthritic mice treated with Rac1 carboxy-terminal peptide. Blood (a) and spleens (b) were obtained from arthritic mice treated with Ctrl or Rac1 peptide (2 mg, n = 5 per group), and cells were stained with antibodies against CD3, CD4, CD8, CD44, and CD62L. The percentages of CD3+ T cells expressing CD4 and CD8 (left panels) and naïve (CD44-CD62L+), central memory (CM) (CD44+CD62L+), and effector/memory (EM) (CD44+CD62L-) CD3+CD4+ (middle panels) and CD3+CD8+ T cells were calculated. Data points within each column represent individual mice, and the bar indicates the median value. *P ≤ 0.05, *P ≤ 0.01. Ctrl, control.

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