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Table 1 Patient characteristics of cartilage explant experiments

From: Cytokine profile of autologous conditioned serum for treatment of osteoarthritis, in vitroeffects on cartilage metabolism and intra-articular levels after injection

Experiment series Cartilage donor OA grade
Cartilage explants/condition Serum donor
control vs CS 56 year old male III 24 (48) 26 year old male
  65 year old female IV 24 (48) 33 year old male
  76 year old male III 24 (48) 30 year old male
control vs CS vs etanercept 54 year old male III 8 (24) 27 year old male
  55 year old male III 8 (24) 27 year old male
  44 year old male IV 8 (24) 26 year old female
  1. CS, conditioned serum; OA, osteoarthritis.