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Table 2 Development of ATI by MTX treatment in RA and SpA patientsa

From: Antibodies toward infliximab are associated with low infliximab concentration at treatment initiation and poor infliximab maintenance in rheumatic diseases

  RA (n= 17) SpA (n= 91)
MTX treatment ATIpos ATIneg Pvalue ATIpos ATIneg Pvalue
MTX+ 3 6   0 25  
MTX- 4 4 0.8 14 52 0.03
  1. aATI: antibodies toward infliximab; ATIpos: ATI detected at least once during follow-up; ATIneg: ATI not detected; RA: rheumatoid arthritis; SpA: spondyloarthritis; MTX: methotrexate. Data represent number of patients in each category.