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Table 1 The major functional groups represented by 322 differentially expressed genes at the incubation phase of adjuvant arthritis in Lewis ratsa

From: The gene expression profile of preclinical autoimmune arthritis and its modulation by a tolerogenic disease-protective antigenic challenge

Functional group Number (%)
Innate immunity 19 (5.9%)
   Cell markers, innate immune response, complement  
Cell-mediated adaptive immune response and effector functions 23 (7.1%)
Stress protein-related and other autoantigens, antigen processing and presentation, T cell costimulation,
cytokines and cytokine receptors, activators and regulators
Humoral immunity 8 (2.5%)
Cell proliferation 113 (35.1%)
DNA synthesis, replication, repair, tRNA processing, transcription, translation, cell
cycle and cellular components
Cell migration 24 (7.4%)
   Adhesion molecules, integrins, chemokines and receptors, cell migration-related  
Angiogenesis 2 (0.6%)
Oxygen metabolism related to pathogenesis of arthritis 11 (3.4%)
   Transporters of oxygen, electrons, reactive oxygen species, cellular response to oxygen level and oxidation reduction  
Articular damage 4 (1.2%)
Metabolism 25 (7.7%)
   Glucose metabolism, proteolysis, peptide or amino acid transporter and protein metabolism, lipid metabolism and other metabolic processes  
Signal transduction and signaling pathways 16 (5.0%)
Phosphorylation and dephosphorylation, kinase activity and regulation, signal
transduction and regulation, G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathway and others
Tumor- and disease-related 8 (2.5%)
Neuron development, neurotransmitters and neuropeptide signaling 4 (1.2%)
Ion binding and transporters, binding activity 7 (2.1%)
Undefined function and unnamed genes 59 (18.3%)
  1. aDEG: differentially expressed gene; tRNA: transfer RNA. "Immune activity" group includes DEGs in the first three categories: 50 (15.5%).