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Figure 2

From: Plasma proteomic profiles from disease-discordant monozygotic twins suggest that molecular pathways are shared in multiple systemic autoimmune diseases*

Figure 2

Multivariate Random Forest analysis of protein components identified in plasma from MZ twins discordant for SAID. (A) Relative importance values of individual protein components whose collective interactions in the RF model account for the effective stratification of affected vs. unaffected twins as described in Patients and Methods. (B) Cluster analysis of affected (red circles) and unaffected (blue circles) twins using the RF model described in (A). STX17, syntaxin; MGAM, α-glucosidase; PON1, paraoxonase 1; C6, complement component 6; SYNE1, spectrin repeat containing nuclear envelope 1; PLEKHG5, pleckstrin homology domain containing, family G, member 5; ZNA2GP, zinc-binding α-2-glycoprotein; LRG1, leucine-rich α-2-glycoprotein; PKD1, polycystic kidney disease-associated 1; APOA2, apolipoprotein A2

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