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Table 4 Independent association of serum FSTL1 levels with baseline characteristics in 120 female OA patientsa.

From: Follistatin-like protein 1: a serum biochemical marker reflecting the severity of joint damage in patients with osteoarthritis

Characteristics B Pvalue
Age, years -0.215 0.051
Body weight, kg -0.148 0.207
Height, cm -0.165 0.471
Disease duration, years 0.023 0.972
Bilateral joints involved -2.633 0.254
Hypertension -2.386 0.263
Diabetes 2.294 0.447
Hs-CRP, mg/l 1.151 0.142
RF, IU/ml 0.192 0.801
KL grade 4.458 <0.0001
  1. aMultivariate linear regression analysis was used to assess variables associated with serum FSTL1 concentrations. B, unstandardized B coefficient; Hs-CRP, high sensitivity C-reactive protein; IU, international units; KL, Kellgren and Lawrence; OA, osteoarthritis; RF, rheumatoid factor.