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Figure 4

From: Proteomic analysis of saliva: a unique tool to distinguish primary Sjögren's syndrome from secondary Sjögren's syndrome and other sicca syndromes

Figure 4

Validation of α-enolase, β-2 microgloblulin and immunoglobulin k light chain (IGKC). (A) Conventional SDS gels were run with protein extracts from mix pooled WS samples of primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS), non-SS sicca syndrome, RA-sSS and SSc-sSS syndromes patients using 12% resolving capacity. Twenty-five micrograms of total proteins were loaded into each lane for each sample. Proteins were transferred onto nitrocellulose membranes and incubated with specific antibodies (dilution 1:200 for anti-α-enolase and anti-β-2 microgloblulin; dilution 1:10,000 for anti-IGKC) against the target proteins. (B) Densitometry of the blots was performed and the bar graph shows the mean ± SD of the optical density values of three independent experiments. Values that are significantly different from pSS (*P <0.05, **P <0.01, ***P <0.001) value as determined by statistical analysis.

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