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Table 5 Correlates of malignancy diagnosed within 5 years of systemic sclerosis onseta, determined using logistic regressionb

From: Prevalence, correlates and clinical usefulness of antibodies to RNA polymerase III in systemic sclerosis: a cross-sectional analysis of data from an Australian cohort

Variable c Odds ratio 95% confidence interval P value
Anti-RNA polymerase III antibodies 4.2 1.3 to 13.4 0.01
Age of onset of systemic sclerosis 1.10 1.05 to 1.16 0.0002
Smoker    NS
Immunosuppressives    NS
Diffuse subtype    NS
  1. NS, not significant. aBefore or after the onset of systemic sclerosis skin disease. bExcluding nonmelanoma skin cancers and the 'other' category. cEver from disease onset to most recent visit.