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Figure 1

From: Neutralization of IL-17 ameliorates uveitis but damages photoreceptors in a murine model of spondyloarthritis

Figure 1

IFNγ-deficiency results in an altered cytokine profile including exacerbated IL-17A production. Antigen specific T cell cytokine production was measured in splenocyte cultures from TCR-Tg mice with intact IFNγ (WT) or TCR-Tg mice lacking IFNγ (IFNγ KO) that were stimulated with the arthritogenic G1 peptide carrying the TCR-specific epitiope. Cytokine levels in the supernatants were quantified by multiplex-ELISA (Luminex) at 48 h post stimulation. Data are the mean ± SEM of values combined from three independent experiments. * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.001, *** P < 0.0001 comparison between genotypes of G1-stimulated cells.

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