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Table 2 Lupus features in study subjects at baseline and follow-up visits

From: Autoantibody profiling to follow evolution of lupus syndromes

Subject Baseline SLE criteria* Follow-up SLE criteria
1 ANA, heme, APL (RF)  
2 ANA, arthritis  
3 ANA (SSA)  
4 ANA, arthritis, Sm  
5 ANA  
6 ANA (SSA, SSB)  
7 ANA, photo, mucosal  
8 ANA, photo  
9 ANA, arthritis, dsDNA  
10 ANA, malar, serositis  
11 Arthritis, dsDNA  
12 ANA (RF)  
13 ANA  
14 ANA, arthritis  
15 ANA, heme  
16 ANA, photo  
17 ANA, photo, serositis  
18 ANA, discoid, heme  
19 ANA, photo (Scl70)  
20 ANA, photo, heme, dsDNA** LN class V, mucosal, arthritis, serositis
21 ANA discoid, photo, APL, heme
22 ANA malar, discoid, photo,
mucosal, arthritis, dsDNA
  1. *Criteria are malar: malar rash; mucosal: mucosal ulcers; serositis: pleurisy, pericarditis; renal: renal disorder; heme: hematologic disorder; photo: photosensitivity. Immunologic disorder elements are listed separately (APL: antiphospholipid antibodies, dsDNA antibodies). Autoimmune features that are not part of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) criteria are listed in parentheses. **Patient was enrolled as ILE and subsequently found to have four SLE criteria. LN: lupus nephritis.