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Table 1 Citrullinated peptides in the ACPA microarray

From: Validation of a multiplex chip-based assay for the detection of autoantibodies against citrullinated peptides

Peptide Protein Amino acids Amino acid sequence Reference
CEP-1/Eno5-21 α-Enolase 5-21 CKIHA(cit)EIFDS(cit)GNPTVEC (cyclic) [16]
Vim60-75 Vimentin 60-75 VYAT(cit)SSAV(cit)L(cit)SSVP [37]
Vim2-17 Vimentin 2-17 ST(cit)SVSSSSY(cit)(cit)MFGG [33]
CCP-1/Fil307-324 Filaggrin 307-324 SHQEST(cit)GRSRGRSGRSGS (cyclic) [3, 32]
Fibβ36-52 Fibrinogen β-chain 36-52 NEEGFFSA(cit)GHRPLDKK [37]
Fibβ563-583 Fibrinogen β-chain 563-583 HHPGIAEFPS(cit)GKSSSYSKQF [13]
Fibβ580-600 Fibrinogen β-chain 580-600 SKQFTSSTSYN(cit)GDSTFESKS c
Fibβ62-81aa Fibrinogen β-chain 62-81 APPPISGGGY(cit)ARPAKAAAT [13]
Fibβ62-81bb Fibrinogen β-chain 62-81 APPPISGGGYRA(cit)PAKAAAT [13]
Fibβ60-74 Fibrinogen β-chain 60-74 (cit)PAPPPISGGGY(cit)A(cit) [12, 31]
Fibα621-635 Fibrinogen α-chain 621-635 (cit)GHAKS(cit)PV(cit)GIHTS [12, 31]
citC1/CII359-369 Collagen type II 359-369 (GPO)5-GA(cit)GLTG(cit)PGDA(GPO)2-GKKYG [20, 28]
  1. The arginine-containing control peptides have identical sequences, except that they contain arginine residues instead of citrulline (Cit, citrulline). Peptides are designated by their abbreviated protein names (Eno, α-enolase; Vim, vimentin; Fib, fibrinogen; CII, type II collagen) followed by the positions of the first and last amino acid. For three peptides, earlier given specific names (CEP-1, CCP-1, citC1), these names are given in parallel. aCitrullinated at position 72. Uses the same control peptide containing two arginines as for Fibβ62-81b. bCitrullinated at position 74. Uses the same control peptide containing two arginines as for Fibβ62-81a. cThe citrullinated epitope in this peptide has been found to be citrullinated in RA synovial tissue (Per-Johan Jakobsson, personal communication).