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Figure 4

From: Identification of three new cis-regulatory IRF5 polymorphisms: in vitro studies

Figure 4

Reporter gene assays of the seven IRF5 polymorphisms with differential electrophoretic mobility shift assays. Each graph represents the geometric mean and the 95% confidence interval of ratios between the luciferase signals of the WIL2 NS cells transfected with the two alleles of (A) rs729302, (B) rs12706860, (C) rs13245639, (D) rs3778754, (E) rs3707307, (F) rs17424179 and (G) rs11269962. The dotted horizontal line corresponds to a ratio of 1.0 or identical expression with the two alleles. *P < 0.05 by Wilcoxon matched-pairs test of five independent experiments, except for rs12706860, for which seven experiments were done.

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