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Figure 5

From: Effect of sclerostin-neutralising antibody on periarticular and systemic bone in a murine model of rheumatoid arthritis: a microCT study

Figure 5

Therapeutic administration of sclerostin antibody to arthritic mice has no effect on clinical scores. Two groups of male DBA/1 mice were sensitised to collagen type II to induce arthritis. Starting from 14 days post onset of arthritis (that is the disease progression was synchronised in all mice before starting the treatment) mice were treated subcutaneously once a week with either vehicle (collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) + PBS; n = 14) or 10 mg/kg sclerostin antibody (Scl-AbI) (CIA + Scl-AbI; n = 11). The therapeutic study was terminated 21 days after starting treatment. Clinical score of arthritis was evaluated daily and expressed as the mean ± standard error of the mean in each group. Differences between clinical score were analysed by Mann-Whitney test.

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