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Figure 5

From: Circulating levels of soluble MER in lupus reflect M2c activation of monocytes/macrophages, autoantibody specificities and disease activity

Figure 5

Plasma levels of soluble Axl correlated with growth arrest–specific 6, but soluble Mer correlated with reduced free Protein S. Levels of soluble Axl (sAxl) and soluble Mer (sMer) were related to each other (A) and to Tyro3, Axl and MerTK (TAM) receptor ligands growth arrest–specific 6 (Gas6) and free Protein S (ProS) (B, C, D, and E). Cutoff values of Gas6 (ng/ml) and ProS (μg/ml) were established by considering mean values in patients and controls (Table 1). **P < 0.01; n.s., not significant.

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