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Table 1 Overview of selection ( P values) against or for replacement mutations within framework region (FR) and CDR of plasma cell-derived Ig genes in nasal tissue in GPA a

From: Plasma cells within granulomatous inflammation display signs pointing to autoreactivity and destruction in granulomatosis with polyangiitis

V region subfamily FR negative CDR negative CDR positive
VH1-3 P ≤ 0.002b P ≤ 0.03b  
VH1-46    P < 0.02
VH1-69 P ≤ 0.01(2),eP ≤ 0.02 (2),fP < -0.05   P < 0.01
VH3-23 P ≤ 0.02c P ≤ 0.01c  
VH3-30 P ≤ 0.001   
VH3-74 P ≤ 0.02   
VH4-39    P < 0.02
VH4-4 P ≤ 0.01d P ≤ 0.03d  
Vκ1-39    P < 0.03
Vκ2-28    P < 0.04
  1. aThe focused binomial test[18] was used to estimate selection, yielding P values with statistical significance at <0.05.
  2. b,c,dThese three VH genes showed negative selection in both FR and CDR.
  3. e,fTwo and two individual VH genes each, respectively, displayed identical P values.