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Table 2 Genes of greatest potential functional relevance determined by network analysis

From: Network analysis identifies protein clusters of functional importance in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

  JIA-associated genes with correlated expression data that lie within the minimal essential network (MEN) Dapple P-value
RF-ve polyarticular JIA compared with controls KSR1 0.0088
Oligoarticular JIA compared with controls PTPN2 0.0112
Oligoarticular compared with RF-ve polyarticular JIA STAT1 0.0002
  1. Genes present within the MEN which also show altered gene expression in either rheumatoid-negative (RF-ve) polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) compared with controls, oligoarticular JIA compared with controls, or between oligoarticular compared with RF-ve polyarticular JIA are listed. Presence in the MEN indicates functional priority and the Disease association protein-protein link evaluator (Dapple) P-value assesses the statistical significance of network connectivity compared to what would be expected by chance.