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Table 4 Sacroiliitis predicts vascular inflammation beyond psoriatic arthritis and CVD risk factors a

From: Psoriatic arthritis and sacroiliitis are associated with increased vascular inflammation by 18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography computed tomography: baseline report from the Psoriasis Atherosclerosis and Cardiometabolic Disease Initiative

Model Aortic SUVmaxχ2(P-value)
Unadjusted 374.6 (<0.001)
Partially adjusted 132.8 (<0.001)
Fully adjusted 124.6 (<0.001)
  1. aLikelihood ratio testing was applied in nested Tobit models to assess the incremental value of sacroiliitis in predicting aortic vascular inflammation. The outcome variable was aortic maximum standardized uptake (SUVmax). Independent variables in the different models were as follows: psoriatic arthritis (unadjusted); age, sex, BMI and psoriatic arthritis (partially adjusted); and age, sex, BMI, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, tobacco use and psoriatic arthritis (fully adjusted). χ2 values are reported for each model. P-values < 0.05 were considered significant.