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We are pleased to announce a number of changes to the journal that will take effect from the start of 2003.

Title and Scope

The title of the journal will change from Arthritis Research to Arthritis Research & Therapy.

This change reflects the fact that rheumatology research is growing and maturing. Basic research initiatives are now rapidly translated into clinical application. The change in the title of the journal is meant to reflect the change in the field and incorporate it into the scope of the journal. The journal will continue to be a home for papers that explore the biological basis of arthritis, diseases of bone and cartilage, and related autoimmune diseases, but will expand to incorporate translational research as well. We believe that this additional area of emphasis is sufficiently significant to merit a change in the title of the journal.

In line with the change in title, the new scope of Arthritis Research & Therapy will be as follows:

Arthritis Research & Therapy is an online and print journal that includes studies related to the rationale and treatment of arthritis, autoimmune disease and diseases of bone and cartilage. These studies will usually be Phase I and II clinical trials. Basic research relevant to these conditions remains the major focus of the journal.

Pagination of articles

A new pagination system is being introduced to allow all articles to be published online as soon after acceptance as possible with their correct page numbers. This will be achieved by adopting a dual pagination system in which the page numbers of Research Articles will be prefixed by the letter R, while all other articles have conventional page numbers without a prefix. As page numbers will be assigned consecutively as soon as each article is published online, the print issue of the journal will no longer be grouping articles by type (Commentaries, Reviews etc).

Peter E Lipsky and Ravinder N Maini



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