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Table 1 Summary of tryptase and cytokine immunolocalization data

From: Mast cell activation and its relation to proinflammatory cytokine production in the rheumatoid lesion

Antigen Cartilage-pannus junctions (n = 35) Rheumatoid synovial tissue (n = 26)
MC tryptase Approximately 50% of specimens showed local All specimens contained MCs, but with variable distributions and
  accumulations of MCs, most with extracellular enzyme states of activation both between and within individual specimens
  indicative of activation/degranulation  
TNF-α Approximately 80% of specimens stained; occasional Most specimens showed only intracellular staining; usually
  extracellular staining of cartilage matrix and intracellular macrophages of the synovial lining layer
  staining of chondrocytes  
IL-1β Approximately 80% of specimens positive; extracellular Commonly observed for a proportion of macrophages, especially
  distribution often reflecting that for TNF-α those in the lining layer
IL-1α Staining limited to about 30% of specimens and Mainly restricted to a minor proportion of macrophages of the
  usually associated with macrophages synovial lining layer
IL-15* Microfocal staining observed for about 30% of Restricted to approximately 40% of specimens; usually
  specimens, usually associated with macrophages, macrophages of the synovial lining and a few fibroblastic cells;
  and especially chondrocytes; no association with TNF seldom associated with TNF+, IL-1+ or tryptase+ cells
  or IL-1  
  1. *Interleukin (IL)-15 was examined in 9 and 12 differentspecimens for cartilage-pannus junction and rheumatoid synovial tisuerespectively. The tryptase, tumour necrosis factor (TNF) and IL-1 data arepartly adapted from Tetlow and Woolley [2]. MC, mastcell.