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Table 2 Other death-associated autoantigen modifications

From: Death, autoantigen modifications, and tolerance

Autoantigen Function Modification Disease Reference
Actin Cytoskeleton Transglutamination Autoimmune Hepatitis [58,95,114]
DNA/nucleosome Genetic code DNA cleavage SLE [18*,19,30]
   DNA methylation   
Fibrillarin snoRNP component Oxidative fragmentation Scleroderma [71*]
Histone H2A DNA core Ubiquitin conjugation/deconjugation SLE [19,62,63]
Histone H2B DNA core Transglutamination SLE [19,58]
La Pol III transcription Dephosphorylation SLE [54]
PARP DNA binding protein, DNA repair ADP-ribosylation SLE [57]
   Necrotic fragmentation   [76]
pp90 ?U2-snRNP protein Phosphorylation SLE [42]
pp34 SR splicing factor Phosphorylation SLE [41,42]
pp46 ? Phosphorylation SLE [41]
pp17 ? Phosphorylation SLE [41]
Ribosomal RNA Translational apparatus RNA cleavage SLE [31,32,115]
SRp40 SR splicing factor Phosphorylation SLE [42]
SRp55 SR splicing factor Phosphorylation SLE [42]
SRp20 SR splicing factor Phosphorylation SLE [42]
Topoisomerase I DNA unwinding, SR protein kinase Necrotic fragmentation Scleroderma [76]
   Oxidative fragmentation   [71*]
Topoisomerase II DNA unwinding Ubiquitin conjugation/deconjugation SLE, Fibrosing Alveolitis [40,64,116]
Troponin Muscle function Transglutamination Necrobiosis Lipoidica [58,117]
Tubulin Cytoskeleton Transglutamination SLE [58,118]
U1-70 kD mRNA splicing Necrotic fragmentation SLE, MCTD [76]
U1-snRNA mRNA splicing RNA cleavage SLE, MCTD [36]
UBF/NOR-90 Nucleolar transcription factor Oxidative fragmentation Sjögren's Syndrome, [71*]
   Necrotic fragmentation Scleroderma [76]
Vimentin Cytoskeleton Citrullination SLE, BD, RA, [67]
    Sjögren's Syndrome  
Y RNA Unknown, associates with Ro RNA cleavage SLE [35]
  1. The acronyms used in this table (and not included in the abbreviations list at the start of the review) are listed in the appendix.