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Table 3 Genes differentially expressed in naïve (day 0) DA versus E3 rats

From: Differential gene expression in pristane-induced arthritis susceptible DA versus resistant E3 rats

Accession no. Gene ID Significance Affymetrix Custom-made FACS ELISA
   X56596 MHC class II antigen RT1.B-1 β-chain (MhcII) T I (56.8) NC I (1.2); P < 0.08 ND
   X00923 IgE heavy chain (Ig ε) S I (3.6) I (1.9); P < 0.1 ND I (1.4); P < 0.05
   D49955 Bone marrow stromal cell antigen 1 (Bst1) T I (3.7) I (2.0); P < 0.1 ND ND
   S81289 IgM κ chain variable region (CDR1 to CDR3 region; Ig κ) S D (-3.6) D (-1.6); P < 0.0005 NC ND
  1. To be regarded as differentially expressed a gene must be differentially expressed in two biological samples analyzed by a minimum of two independent methods. Differential expression values in bold text are statistically significant by that particular method. Genes significantly differentially expressed by a minimum of two independent methods are denoted 'S'. Another subset of genes showed a strong tendency toward differential expression; these are denoted 'T'. ELISA, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay; FACS, fluorescence activated cell sorting; NC, no change (for these genes, no statistically significant differential expression could be shown); ND, not determined.