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Table 3 Unit costs used in the calculations of direct healthcare costs and indirect costs (year 2011 values in €)

From: Cost-utility of cognitive behavioral therapy versus U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended drugs and usual care in the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia: an economic evaluation alongside a 6-month randomized controlled trial

Type of use Unit costs
Costs in the health care system (public/private) General practitioner 10.5/27.5
Nurse or psychiatric nurse 10.0/25.4
Social worker 14.9/25.4
Psychologist 70.6/70.6
Psychiatrist 42.9/42.9
Other medical specialists 51.1/51.1
Hospital emergency visits 155.5
Hospital stay 617.5
Diagnostic tests (range) 4.3 to 434.6
Pharmacologic treatment Depending on type and dose
Productivity losses Absenteeism from work (minimum and medium daily wage) 21.4 to 62.7
CBT costs Cost of the group intervention per session (eight patients/group; nine sessions) 240