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Table 3 The top 10 upregulated and downregulated lncRNAs detected by microarray analysis in the degenerative group

From: Aberrantly expressed long noncoding RNAs in human intervertebral disc degeneration: a microarray related study

Sequence name Source database Fold-change P-value
Upregulated lncRNAs
ENST00000461676 Ensembl 135.56903 6.51E-07
ENST00000514459 Ensembl 97.71137 1.78E-05
ENST00000421546 Ensembl 73.82017 1.19E-05
AK023939 misc_RNA 52.0571 6.00E-07
G43223 misc_RNA 38.324024 1.47E-06
ENST00000446763 Ensembl 36.52328 6.72E-04
ENST00000432925 Ensembl 34.249966 1.68E-03
uc003mjv.3 UCSC_knowngene 33.52595 6.32E-05
U94385 RNAdb 31.505856 3.28E-04
chr8:87319334-87331334+ lincRNA 29.106977 6.94E-05
Downregulated lncRNAs
NR_003716 RefSeq_NR 148.53123 7.83E-05
nc-HOXA13-96- HOX cluster 111.87458 1.68E-06
ENST00000451959 Ensembl 96.609 2.52E-05
AK096112 misc_RNA 95.62264 8.97E-05
nc-HOXD1-48+ HOX cluster 89.8041 1.86E-05
BG897081 lincRNA 82.24899 4.28E-06
uc003tjk.2 UCSC_knowngene 77.483154 2.58E-06
NR_027154 RefSeq_NR 76.309654 3.74E-07
BX646285 lincRNA 74.3615 9.86E-05
AK125976 misc_RNA 72.67137 1.42E-04