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Table 1 Patient demographics (n = 12)

From: Angiogenic gene expression and vascular density are reflected in ultrasonographic features of synovitis in early rheumatoid arthritis: an observational study

Variable Value
Female 9 (75)
Male 3 (25)
Age, years, median (IQR) 47 (37 to 57)
Disease duration, months, median (IQR) 7.2 (4.9 to 9.5)
Rheumatoid factor 5 (41.6)
Anti- cyclic citrullinated peptide 4 (33.3)
Disease activity score in 28 joints (ESR) 5.41 (4.46 to 6.34)
Inflammatory markers  
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 43 (31 to 55)
C-reactive protein 23 (18 to 28)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use 4 (33.3)
  1. All patients were recruited form an early arthritis clinic with symptom onset <1 year and mean disease activity score in 28 joints of 5.41. Disease duration taken from the onset of initial symptoms: 42% of patients were rheumatoid factor-positive, 33% were anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide-positive. A third of patients were receiving anti-inflammatory medication prior to recruitment. Numbers are reported with percentage, otherwise, mean and IQR are given where specified.