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Table 5 Impact of co-localized factors* present in the medial compartment at baseline on loss of joint space width and of cartilage volume at 36 months in the placebo group

From: Meniscal extrusion promotes knee osteoarthritis structural progression: protective effect of strontium ranelate treatment in a phase III clinical trial

  Loss of joint space width and cartilage volume linked to addition of one co-localized factor P -value
Joint space width loss   
  mm 0.31 0.0004
  % -11.58 <0.0001
MRI (%)   
Global knee -0.86 0.033
  Femur -0.53 0.239
  Plateau -1.97 0.007
Medial compartment -2.22 0.0005
  Medial femur -1.95 0.002
  Medial plateau -2.93 0.006
  1. P-values were assessed with analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) using the number of co-localized factors in the medial compartment at baseline as the dependent variable. Statistically significant P-values are in bold. *Co-localized factors: 0 = neither bone marrow lesions nor meniscal extrusion, 1 = either meniscal extrusion or bone marrow lesions, 2 = meniscal extrusion and bone marrow lesions. MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.