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Table 4 Amino acids in polymorphic sites of HLA-B molecules associated with increased or decreased psoriatic arthritis susceptibility and their contrasting effect on binding peptide P2 side chain anchor amino acids

From: Concepts of pathogenesis in psoriatic arthritis: genotype determines clinical phenotype

HLA-B molecule P2 pocket amino acid position P2 amino acid binding preference Allele risk estimate a
  45 67   
B*27:05:02 Glu Cys Arg 3.18 (2.14 to 4.71)
B*39:01:01 Glu Cys Arg 3.74 (1.99 to 7.01)
B*44:02:01 Lys Ser Glu 0.53 (0.38 to 0.74)
B*44:03:01 Lys Ser Glu 0.47 (0.24 to 0.92)
  1. Arg, arginine; Cys, cysteine; Glu, glutamic acid; Lys, lysine; Ser, serine. aData presented as odds ratio (95% confidence interval).