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Fig. 3

From: Trabecular bone loss in collagen antibody-induced arthritis

Fig. 3

Increase in osteoclasts in CAIA. C57BL/6 mice were ovariectomized and subjected to LPS + collagen antibodies (CAIA) or LPS alone (control). The experiment was terminated 9 days after arthritis induction. a Number of osteoclasts (**p = 0.009) in the distal femoral epiphysis per bone surface in control (n = 6) and CAIA (n = 5) mice, b frequency of preosteoclasts (% CD11b+F4/80+MCSF-R+ cells of CD11b+ cells) in bone marrow from control (n = 11) and CAIA (n = 13) mice, c frequency of CD4+ T cells (of lymphocytes) (p = 0.227) in control (n = 15) and CAIA (n = 14) mice, and d frequency of IL-17+ cells (of lymphocytes) (*p = 0.049) in control (n = 14) and CAIA (n = 14) mice, in draining lymph nodes. Student’s t test a. Analysis of covariance b, c, and d, on log data b, d. CAIA collagen-antibody induced arthritis, IL interleukin, LPS lipopolysaccharide

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