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Fig. 3

From: Low numbers of blood and salivary natural killer cells are associated with a better response to belimumab in primary Sjögren’s syndrome: results of the BELISS study

Fig. 3

Changes in histological pattern of salivary glands after belimumab therapy. Regression of lymphocytic infiltration after belimumab therapy (a before and b after; hematein-eosin-saffron stain; original magnification, ×125), major decrease of B-cell activating factor expression (c before and d after; Buffy-2 immunohistochemical stain, original magnification, ×320.), dramatic decrease of B-cell infiltration (e before and f after; CD20 immunohistochemical stain; original magnification, ×250), with slight decrease or stability of T-cell infiltration (g before and h after; CD3 immunohistochemical stain; original magnification, ×250), resulting in a trend for a decrease in B-cell/T-cell ratio

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