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Fig. 3

From: CDP7657, an anti-CD40L antibody lacking an Fc domain, inhibits CD40L-dependent immune responses without thrombotic complications: an in vivo study

Fig. 3

Disease remission and increased survival after therapeutic dosing with MR1 Fab' polyethylene glycol (PEG) in NZB/NZW mice. a Remission and relapse of proteinuria levels in NZB/W mice after a single dose of 100 mg/kg MR1 Fab' PEG (n = 14) compared to saline control (n = 15). Data are expressed as the percentage of animals scoring ≥300 mg/dL proteinuria, with remission classified as two consecutive scores ≤100mg/dL proteinuria; P = 0.0146 (Mann–Whitney U test) compared with saline control. b Percentage of mice surviving in each group over time; P <0.0031 (log-rank test) compared to saline control, and was considered to be statistically significant. Tx therapy

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