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Fig. 3

From: p21 deficiency is susceptible to osteoarthritis through STAT3 phosphorylation

Fig. 3

p21 levels influence the summed OARSI scores in DMM mice. Cartilage tissue samples were collected from the right knee (sham or DMM surgery) of (a) p21+/+ (sham), (b) p21−/− (sham), (c) p21+/+ (DMM), and (d) p21−/− (DMM) mice. The sections are stained with Safranin O and Fast Green. e Average summed OARSI scores with 95 % CIs from all four quadrants and eight sections. Six mice were analyzed for each group: p21+/+ sham, p21+/+ DMM, p21−/− sham, and p21−/− DMM. CI confidence interval, DMM destabilization of the medial meniscus, OARSI Osteoarthritis Research Society International

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