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Fig. 6

From: Citral alleviates an accelerated and severe lupus nephritis model by inhibiting the activation signal of NLRP3 inflammasome and enhancing Nrf2 activation

Fig. 6

In vitro effect of Citral on NLRP3 inflammasome activation in J774A.1 macrophages. a IL-1β secretion by lipolysachharide (LPS) + ATP-activated macrophages. b Western blots showing caspase-1 activation in LPS + ATP-activated macrophages. c ATP-induced IL-1β secretion by LPS-primed macrophages. d ATP-induced caspase-1 activation in LPS-primed macrophages. e Representative western blots showing the effect of treatment with different concentrations of Citral for 30 minutes before addition of LPS for 6 h on NLRP3 and pro-IL-1β levels in J774A.1 macrophages. f and g Semiquantitative analysis of the NLRP3/β-actin ratio (f) and pro-IL-1β/β-actin ratio (g). The data are expressed as the mean ± SD for three separate experiments; the histogram shows the quantification expressed as the mean ± SD; *p <0.05, **p <0.01, ns not significant

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