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Table 2 Donors of IVD materials for cell isolation, and RT-PCR and immunostaining analyses of bone morphogenic protein antagonists

From: Osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells is hindered by the presence of intervertebral disc cells

IVD donor Donor code Birth year Sex Patient age, years Disc level Type
1 P38 1978 M 37 L5–S1 SD, modic type II
2 P40 1959 M 56 L4–L5 SD, modic type II
3 P41 1982 M 33 Unknown T
4 P45 1968 M 47 T12–L1 SD
5 P46 1968 M 47 L1–L2 T, D
6 P47 1982 M 33 T12–L1 T,D
7 P48 1941 M 74 L2–L3 T
8 P50 1958 M 57 L5–S1 SD
  1. M male, L lumbar vertebra, T traumatic disc, D degenerative disc, SD symptomatic degenerative disc