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Fig. 6

From: CD163+ M2c-like macrophages predominate in renal biopsies from patients with lupus nephritis

Fig. 6

Association between hypertension and macrophage subtypes. Numbers of total CD68-positive, M2a-like and M2c-like macrophages were analyzed in normotensive and hypertensive patients with lupus nephritis. a Comparison of glomerular total CD68-positive macrophage infiltration. b Comparison of tubulointerstitial total CD68-positive macrophage infiltration. c Comparison of glomerular M2a-like macrophage infiltration. d Comparison of tubulointerstitial M2a-like macrophage infiltration. e Comparison of glomerular M2c-like macrophage infiltration. f Comparison of tubulointerstitial M2c-like macrophage infiltration. Significant differences, as assessed by the Mann-Whitney U rank test, are marked by asterisks (*p < 0.013)

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