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Table 1 Antibody panels used for flow cytometry

From: Mast cell depletion in the preclinical phase of collagen-induced arthritis reduces clinical outcome by lowering the inflammatory cytokine profile

Staining FITC PE PerCP APC e-Fluor-450
A NK1.1 (Clone: PK136) Ly6G (Clone: 1A8) Ly6C (Clone: HK1.4) CCR2 (Clone: 475301) CD11b (Clone: M1/70)
B IgE (Clone: R35-72) CD117 (Clone: 2B8) CD3/4/19/8 (dump channel) CD49b (Clone: HMa2) n/a
C CD44 (Clone: IM7) CCR7 (Clone: 4B12) CD8α (Clone: 53-6.7) CD62L (Clone: MEL-14) CD4 (Clone: GK1.5)
D IgM (Clone: II/41) CD45RA (Clone: RA3-6B2) CD19 (Clone: eBio1D3) IgD (Clone: 11-26c) CD5 (Clone: 53-7.3)