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Fig. 3

From: Endothelial progenitor cells are differentially impaired in ANCA-associated vasculitis compared to healthy controls

Fig. 3

Critical role of T cells in ECFC and CFU-EC differentiation. a Depletion of T cells from ECFC or CFU-EC cultures abolished EPC differentiation. Adding back T cells restored ECFC and CFU-EC outgrowth indicating the pivotal role of T cells in promoting EPC differentiation. b No significant difference was found between HC and AAV-r regarding the fraction of circulating CD31+ T cells. c Stratifying patients according to clinical course reveals that frequent relapsers have an expanded compartment of circulating angiogenic T cells as compared to HC or patients with nonrelapsing disease course. Horizontal bars represent the mean value, error bars represent the standard of the mean. *p = 0.01, **p = 0.006. AAV-r patients in remission, CFU-EC colony-forming units-endothelial cells, ECFC endothelial cell-forming colonies, HC healthy controls, PBMC peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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