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Table 2 Analysis of concordance between the different assays for anti-dsDNA detection

From: A novel DNA/histone H4 peptide complex detects autoantibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus sera

  Anti-H4/PK vs Anti-dsDNA Anti-H4/PK vs CLIF Anti-dsDNA vs CLIF
Concordance 0.684 0.643 0.611
Cohen K 0.317 0.314 0.289
  1. Cohen K values: 0.21–0.40 indicates modest concordance; 0.41–0.60 indicates moderate concordance; 0.61–0.80 indicates substantial concordance. CLIF Crithidia Luciliae immunofluorescence, H4 histone 4, PK plasmid DNA